Basic Lesson 1: Publish
Basic Lesson 2: Movie Size
Basic Lesson 3: Action Menu
Basic Lesson 4: Timeline

Basic Lesson 5: Import Image

Lesson 1: Motion Tween

Lesson 2: Shape Tween
Lesson 3: Break Apart
Lesson 4: Motion Guide
Lesson 5: Alpha Fade
Lesson 6: Drag & Drop
Lesson 7: Animated Button
Lesson 8: Load Movie

Lesson 9: Link URL

Lesson 10: Cursor Change
Lesson 11: Add Favorites
Lesson 12: Add Sound
Lesson 13: Insert Scene
Lesson 14: Goto Frame

Lesson 1: Control Movieclips
Lesson 2: Flip Symbol
Lesson 3: Inside Movieclip
Lesson 4: Dynamic Text
Lesson 5: Random Clip
Lesson 6: Actionscript Music
Lesson 7: Symbol Timer
Lesson 8: Rotate Movieclip
Lesson 9: Disable Right-click
Lesson 10: Frame Names
Lesson 11: Side Scroller
Lesson 12: Increasing Velocity
Lesson 13: Visibility
Lesson 14: What's 'this'
Lesson 15: Collectable Items
Lesson 16: Specified Action
Lesson 17: Button Tap Code
Lesson 18: Random in Detail
Lesson 19: Health Bar
Lesson 20: Follow Movieclips

Common Arrays
Lesson 1: Hello World

Lesson 2: Functions
Lesson 3: Loops
Lesson 4: If Statements
Lesson 5: Arrays
Lesson 6: Control Movieclips
Lesson 7: Basic Properties
Lesson 8: Control Movieclips 2

Lesson 9: Adding A Timer

Lesson 10: Saving Data
Lesson 11: Data Objects

Lesson 1: Movement

Lesson 2: Wall Collision
Lesson 3: Shoot
Lesson 4: Shot Collision
Lesson 5: Score

Lesson 1: Character

Lesson 2: Eye Movement
Lesson 3: Arm Movement
Lesson 4: Walking
Lesson 5: Background
Lesson 6: Loop Background

Lesson 1: Orbital Dots 1

Lesson 2: Orbital Dots 2
Lesson 3: Spinning 1
Lesson 4: Spinning 2
Lesson 5: Easing Spaceship
Lesson 6: Sprite 3d
Lesson 7: Bouncy Ball
Lesson 8: Bouncy Ball 2
Lesson 9: Simple Collision

Lesson 10: Crazy Tiles


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home > learn flash > actionscript 3.0 lesson 1  

 Actionscript 3.0 Lesson One: Hello World

1.)First of all I would like to mention there are 3 basic ways you can program a hello world program n actionscript 3.0
By instance names, creating TextFields in Frames, or creating TextFields in classes, and you can also manage the instance names in the classes as well.

Easiest Way to do this in my oppinion is through creating a dynamic textbox and giving the textbox an instance name. Then place in the actionscript in the frame.

--------- --------------

--------- --------------

2.) The Way you do this is by grabbing the text field, and dragging it to the stage, then make the textbox dynamic and give it an instance name of what ever you would like. Such as "myTextBox1", without the quotes. Then inside a Frame Post what you would like the textbox to say. The code is.

myTextBox1.text = "Hello World";

3.) OK Or if you would like the TextBox to be a number you give it a int value or double value, others include uint, or float, or anything that pops up in the menu when you hit the colon button. However using float or uint are for pretty advanced users, int and double are basically so you can name what kind of number to place. int is a single digit number where it doesn't add points, such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8....100, 20,000... and beyond, but is limitted to a very high number. double will create it so you can make it so the number has decimal points such as 1.01, 2.2, 3.33333... etc... however this is also limitted to a very high number.



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